Tree Removal That Gets Rid Of It All

Tree Removal
We remove trees of any size and condition, in almost any location.
We are not certified arborists.
We are a tree removal company and we also do trimming and dead wood removal. But we do not do planting, transplanting, fertilizing, disease control, or Emerald Ash Borer treatment. These things we hand over to other companies we work with. This is working out very well for us and for them. And, of course, the trees don’t mind.

Brush Cleanup
If you took down your own tree and want us to clean up the branches, we are at your service. Preferably don’t chop everything into little pieces. We want it as big as you can handle it, as our chippers are not little like the city chippers, where they ask you to cut everything into little pieces. It is best to just leave it full size, to save time for you and for us.

Storm Cleanup
Downed or damaged trees, almost any condition. We clean up for power lines to be restored as well as doctoring up what’s left of the tree if it lost only a few branches.

Power Line Clearance.
We do not work with live high voltage wires, but do clearing with the power off. We do work with the secondary lines. (The coated wires going to your house.)

Land clearing
With our 24 inch whole-tree chipper we enjoy cleaning up lots for development. Also farm woodlot clearing. We work with other companies to offer the complete package if you want a woodlot turned into a field.

Powerful Stump Removal

Our Vermeer SC852 stump grinder has a tremendous appetite. At 85 horse power and a cutting depth of 24 inches, our stump grinder can handle the largest stumps you can find. It also fits through a 36 inch gate. The only stumps it can not do, are those in tight quarters. Then we hire a friend with a smaller machine, and the job still gets done. And we make the connections for you.

We Sell Bulk Wood Chips

We Deliver Bulk Wood Chips for

  • Organic Gardening
  • Trails
  • Landscaping
  • Compost
  • Mulch
  • Furnace Fuel
  • And more
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